Playing for Change

Bill Moyers has a great interview with Mark Johnson, creator of the music project called “Playing for Change.” Johnson has spent ten years gathering the voices of musicians around the world into a beautifully produced music video representing hope and the power of human community. These are ordinary people in very poor communities, creating music that captures the heart and the conscience. In the video you see people in some of the poorest parts of the world coming together with voices that express dignity and struggle. Johnson is very compelling in his explanation to Moyers about why this project is important to him — it will be important to everyone who views it.

Bill Moyers has a remarkable ability to see the things that are easily overlooked in our world — the struggles and courage of ordinary people in this country and around the world, and to draw us into their world of experience. This program on Playing for Change will be very powerful for everyone who views it. It’s a particularly “Obama” moment — a hopeful glimpse into the reality of human problems and the ability of people of concern to help to find solutions that improve people’s lives.

Hat tip to BL!

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